Welcome to CIPE’s Online Hub for Anti-Corruption Rapid Response

Peter Glover

Welcome to the new Anti-Corruption Rapid Response website hosted by the Anti-Corruption and Governance Center (ACGC) at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). This new site will be a community hub for anti-corruption activists and thought leaders engaging in swift interventions during windows of opportunity for anti-corruption reform.

Rapid Response Podcast: Armenia’s Window of Opportunity w/ Anti-Corruption Experts Haykuhi Harutyunyan & Matthew Murray

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

The last episode of ACGC’s Rapid Response podcast mini-series covers the early days of Armenia’s Corruption Prevention Commission (CPC) with CPC chair Haykuhi Harutyunyan and seasoned anti-corruption expert Matthew Murray.

Rapid Response Podcast: Suliman Baldo’s Report from Sudan’s Historic Transition

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

In the latest episode of our ACGC Rapid Response podcast mini-series, Suliman Baldo, long-time peace and democracy advocate, shares his experiences and perspectives working to advance democracy in Sudan.

Rapid Response Podcast: What are Anti-Corruption Windows of Opportunity?

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

The 6th episode of our anti-corruption rapid response podcast mini-series features governance consultant Florencia Guerzovich and Open CoLab founder Dave Algoso breaking down their groundbreaking report on political windows of opportunity.

Podcast: Frieda Arenos’ & Gemima Barlow’s Executive Transitions Work at NDI

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

Frieda Arenos and Gemima Barlow join host Peter Glover to discuss the work of the National Democratic Institute with regard to their Executive Transitions program.

Rapid Response Podcast: Abigail Bellows

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

Abigail Bellows, Non-Resident Scholar with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, joined CIPE Communications Director Ken Jaques and Program Officer Peter Glover in August 2021 to discuss the political character of corruption fighting, including how corruption has undermined support for democracy around the globe.

Podcast: Future of Global Anti-Corruption Efforts in View of Pres. Biden’s Memo, with John Arvanitis

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

On this episode of Democracy that Delivers, our host Ken Jaques brings fan favorites CIPE Africa Senior Program Officer Lola Adekanye and Kroll Compliance Risk and Diligence Managing Director John Arvanitis back together to continue their fascinating risk and compliance discussion from Episode #269.

Rapid Response Podcast: Inside International Republican Institute’s Anti-Corruption Work with Eguiar Lizundia

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

Eguiar Lizundia, Deputy Director for the Center for Global Impact at the International Republican Institute (IRI), sat down with Peter Glover of CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center in August 2021 for the latest edition of a rapid response anti-corruption mini-series.

Rapid Response Podcast: Paul Massaro’s Window into the US Push to Combat Global Corruption

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

Paul Massaro, who serves as a senior policy advisor for the US Helsinki Commission, sat down with Peter Glover of CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center in July 2021 to share an insider’s view of the US government’s efforts to combat global corruption.

Podcast: From Transparency Activist to Anti-Corruption Commission President w/ Mariyam Shiuna

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

Mariyam Shiuna, current President of the Maldives’ Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and former Director of Transparency Malaysia, recently joined our podcast to share about her uncommon transition from anti-corruption advocacy to leading anti-corruption governance at the ACC.