ACGC Rapid Response External Resource Database

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

This database contains resources that CIPE and partners the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) believe could be useful for organizations seeking to pivot and capitalize on anti-corruption windows of opportunity, and for organizations seeking to prepare to tackle a window of opportunity before it appears. The types of resources in this database have been informed by CIPE and Global Integrity’s research into Anti-Corruption Windows of Opportunity during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Open Society Foundation’s report “Seeing New Opportunities: How Global Actors Can Better Support Anti-Corruption Reformers.”

Rapid Response Evaluation in Ecuador

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

This report presents the impact evaluation of the Rapid Response Opportunities for Anti-Corruption in Ecuador (RRAP) developed between May and September 2023. It implemented a qualitative assessment of three significant outcomes: mobilization of civil society and the private sector, adoption of reforms, and reduction in incentives to corruption. This evaluation aims to provide CIPE with insights for future RRAP implementations.

Corruption Institutional Analysis Diagnostic Handbook 2023

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

The Corruption Institutional Analysis Diagnosis (CIAD) methodology was developed to understand if there is a viable window of opportunity to conduct rapid response anti-corruption interventions in a chosen country.

Anti-Corruption Rapid Response: What We Can Learn from the COVID-19 Crisis

ACGC Staff

What anti-corruption lessons can we learn from COVID-19? The Anti-Corruption Governance Center (ACGC) at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and Global Integrity partnered on this joint report to explore the extent to which anti-corruption reformers identified windows of opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic to advance reforms, acted on these opportunities, and have confidence in the results they achieved.

Whistleblower Resources

CIPE Staff

This catalogue highlights a number of resources for potential and existing whistleblowers, so they can make an informed decision on if, when, and how they want to blow the whistle and the risks associated with doing so. The catalogue has a variety of resources that can be applied to potential whistleblowers globally, with resources in currently available in English, Spanish, and French.

Dekleptification Guide

ACGC Staff

This guidance is a resource for USAID staff working in countries trapped in severe corruption, particularly those whose courageous citizens open windows of opportunity for reform. It also aims to set the agenda for the broader community of donors, implementing partners, scholars, and other experts focused on countering kleptocracy and strategic corruption. This is one component of a suite of policy and programmatic products that the Anti-Corruption Task Force is developing to durably elevate anti-corruption at USAID and advance the implementation of the U.S. Strategy on Countering Corruption.
CIPE’s Rapid Response work in The Gambia and Corrosive Capital initiative were cited in this guide.

Corruption Risk Forecast

ACGC Staff

The Corruption Risk Forecast (CRF) features 3 global dashboards for viewing the state of corruption risk in the world. Learn how well countries control corruption in over 120 countries using the Index of Public Integrity (IPI). See how transparency commitments (De Jure) compare with actual transparency practice (De Facto) for over 130 countries on the Transparency Index (T-Index). See where corruption risk is expected to rise, fall, or stay the same on the Corruption Risk Forecast.

Theory of Change Infographic: Anti-Corruption Rapid Response

Anti-Corruption and Governance Center

CIPE ACGC's Rapid Response Anti-Corruption program quickly deploys financial and technical support during windows of opportunity, guided by the theory of change illustrated in this infographic.

Report: Anti-Corruption Windows of Opportunity and the Role of Global Actors

Florencia Guerzovich, María Soledad Gattoni, and Dave Algoso​