Author: Kai Bernier-Chen

We get it. You’re at home, practicing responsible social distance, and casting about for something useful to do. Here’s an idea: why not brush up on anti-corruption? Before you dismiss the topic as irrelevant, consider that 1 out of 10 national governments have been toppled recently by public outrage aimed at corrupt leaders. Or the… Read More

Compiled by the staff of the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center, this list of publications and resources may be of use to the global anti-corruption community. The newest entries are bolded at the top of each section. We welcome your suggestions for additional articles, reports, and resources on this issue. Note: last updated on May 26,… Read More

To say Peru has had a brush with corruption would be an understatement. Beginning with Alberto Fujimori in the late 1990s, the problem of corruption has snowballed with all four subsequent presidents embroiled in the Lava Jato affair that swept across the continent in 2014. From Alejandro Toledo to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, each head of… Read More