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One of the main authors of the groundbreaking Foreign Extortion Prevention Act (FEPA), Tom Firestone, underscored earlier this month at a CIPE briefing that the new law’s effectiveness in curbing bribery solicitation will depend on boosting awareness. “I think that the most valuable thing an organization like CIPE can do is to just get the… Read More

Members of CIPE’s Anti-Corruption and Governance Center (ACGC) from three continents joined the 12th GACIF forum from March 26 through 27, organizing and chairing private sector-oriented sessions on topics ranging from business integrity in the Asia-Pacific region to tech solutions in fighting corruption. Overall, the ACGC team came away with a welcome sense that the business community… Read More

As March kicks off, we reflect on the successes of a joint ethics training program held in Lagos earlier in the year. On January 25, CIPE and the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) held the first in a series of procurement integrity bootcamps tagged “Procurement Integrity for Transparency and Shared Prosperity” for 16… Read More

In his first address to Nigeria’s National Assembly at the end of last year, the newly appointed chairman of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission highlighted the high costs of procurement fraud and corruption. Ola Olukoyede, a seasoned lawyer with over 20 years of experience working on regulatory compliance, shared the striking results of the… Read More

In combating corruption, governments, activists, and other anti-corruption practitioners must hone their messaging effectively to rally support and resources to the cause. Traditional anti-corruption messaging efforts, which range from billboards to government announcements, risk being ineffective or even counterproductive — reinforcing in the minds of communities that corruption is rampant and impossible to address. Anti-corruption… Read More

This year marks the 10th session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, and the event is now a significant opportunity for anti-corruption practitioners to share experiences and join forces. As organizations with different outlooks and expertise gather, our joint mission is to turn the convention’s obligations into… Read More

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