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Democracy That Delivers #240: Compliance, Environmental Laws, and Enforcement in a Time of Crisis

In this episode, Shahrzad Majdameli, an attorney with the International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE), joins Communications Director Ken Jaques and Anti-Corruption Program Officer Michele Crymes.


Democracy That Delivers #239: Fraud Risk and Sustainability with Anti-Corruption Expert Kenneth Barden

What's the secret to making anti-corruption efforts effective in the long term? What lessons can be learned from the mistakes made in public funding and emergency supply chains during COVID-19?


Democracy That Delivers #237: Interview with FT Journalist Tom Burgis, Author of Kleptopia

Listen now to hear more about how Burgis’ “nonfiction thriller” breaks down the technical complexity of foreign corruption and money laundering into the human stories of four individuals at the nexus of foreign kleptocracy.


Democracy That Delivers #236: Confronting the World’s Humanitarian Crisis

In this podcast, Frank Vogl discusses how now more than ever, transparency and accountability are needed on infrastructure investments, which longer-term will be essential to rebuilding economies.


Tackling Corruption in the Nigerian Ports — A story of collective action highs, lows, and wins

Money lost because of illicit financial flows at ports weighs very heavily on the economy of a country that as of May 2020 projects to borrow more than $14.1 billion USD to finance the 2020 budget.


Strengthening Ethical Conduct & Business Integrity: A Guide for Companies in Emerging Markets

CIPE’s Anti-Corruption and Governance Center is condensing decades of lessons learned from thousands of overseas programs into a single guidebook designed to support ethical business practices.

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