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Democracy that Delivers #397: Upholding the Ruggie Principles in Colombia’s Private Sector

The Ruggie Framework is a three-pronged approach that includes the obligations of corporations to uphold human rights, the responsibility of the state to protect those rights, and the provision of effective remedies for any infringements. 


Democracy that Delivers #396: Combatting Corruption in Sudan: A New Coalition Emerges

ACT-Sudan is a newly establish coalition dedicated to combating corruption in Sudan. Founding member, Omayma Gutabi, discusses how tackling corruption issues is the key to ending the war in Sudan and restoring peace.


Galvanizing the Private Sector as Partners in Combating Corruption

Through its “Galvanizing the Private Sector as Partners in Combating Corruption” initiative (GPS), the United States Department of State is making its largest-ever investment in strengthening global business integrity.


ACGC Rapid Response External Resource Database

This database contains resources that CIPE and partners the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) believe could be useful for organizations seeking to tackle windows of opportunity.


Rapid Response Evaluation in Ecuador

This report presents the impact evaluation of the Rapid Response Opportunities for Anti-Corruption in Ecuador (RRAP) developed between May and September 2023.


Democracy that Delivers #393: Unpacking the Foreign Extortion Prevention Act, with Scott Greytak and Tom Firestone

Tom Firestone & Scott Greytak join the podcast to explore the Foreign Extortion Prevention Act (FEPA) and it's global impact on anti-corruption efforts.

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