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Democracy That Delivers #291: Why Business Standards Lept “3-5 Years…in 1 Year” with Tom Fox, Compliance Lawyer

Tom Fox, the extraordinarily prolific and knowledgeable host of the popular FCPA Compliance Report, talks about the link between two hot topics in the corporate compliance world – anti-corruption and ESG.


Theory of Change Infographic: Anti-Corruption Rapid Response

CIPE ACGC's Rapid Response Anti-Corruption program quickly deploys financial and technical support during windows of opportunity, guided by the theory of change illustrated in this infographic.


Democracy That Delivers #288: ESG & Anti-Corruption with ELEVATE CEO Ian Spaulding

Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) expert and ELEVATE Limited CEO Ian Spaulding joins the CIPE ACGC podcast this week to discuss the interplay between anti-corruption and new ESG approaches to managing global supply chains.


Democracy that Delivers #285: Rapid Response – Armenia’s Window of Opportunity w/ Anti-Corruption Experts Haykuhi Harutyunyan & Matthew Murray

The last episode of ACGC’s Rapid Response podcast mini-series covers the early days of Armenia’s Corruption Prevention Commission (CPC) with CPC chair Haykuhi Harutyunyan and seasoned anti-corruption expert Matthew Murray.


Democracy that Delivers #284: Rapid Response – Suliman Baldo’s Report from Sudan’s Historic Transition

In the latest episode of our ACGC Rapid Response podcast mini-series, Suliman Baldo, long-time peace and democracy advocate, shares his experiences and perspectives working to advance democracy in Sudan.


Democracy that Delivers #282: Greenwashing or ESG? Making Business Ethics More than Marketing with Tariq Fancy, CEO of The Rumie Initiative

Tariq Fancy, Founder and CEO of The Rumie Initiative, joins the latest podcast from CIPE’s AGCG to take a hard look at the perverse incentives poisoning the growth of ESG (or Environment, Social, and Governance) investing.

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