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This is a report on the Corruption Risk Mapping (CRM) and Anti-Bribery Compliance Assessment conducted in November 2018 in the Private Sector on behalf of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA).


Democracy that Delivers #257: Everything You Didn’t Know about TI’s Corruption Perceptions Index with Jon Vrushi

Jon Vrushi, Transparency International's Research Coordinator, joins ACGC's podcast to discuss the statistical basis and methodology behind the world's most popular corruption measure: The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).


Democracy that Delivers #250: Anti-Corruption’s Past, Present, & Future with Transparency International Chair Delia Ferreira

Delia Ferreira, Chair of Transparency International (TI), joins the podcast to give a decade-spanning tour of the global fight against corruption from her start as a non-profit leader in Argentina.


Democracy That Delivers #247: Repositioning Anti-Corruption as a Pursuit for Social Justice

Michael Johnston, co-author of the new book, The Conundrum of Corruption: Reform for Social Justice, joins the podcast to speak about “the one goal that makes corruption control a compelling concern in the first place: justice.”


Democracy That Delivers #244: ESG, Corruption, and the Bright Future of Responsible Investing with Gabriel Thoumi

Anti-Corruption & Governance Center’s latest podcast features ESG expert Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, who is a Director at Planet Tracker and Climate Advisers and a Lecturer at Johns Hopkins University.


Future of Work/COVID-19 and Corruption: Digital Technology and the Fight Against Corruption in Latin America

This event is a collaboration between the Future of Work initiative, which brings attention to the challenges and opportunities to strengthen Latin America’s economic recovery post-COVID-19 and ACGC’s COVID-19 & Corruption event series.

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