COVID-19 & Corruption: Latest Trackers, Articles, and Resources

This list of publications and resources compiled by the staff of the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center at CIPE may be of use to the global anti-corruption community. The most recent entries are placed near the top. We welcome your suggestions for additional articles, reports, and resources on this issue. Last update: September 9, 2020.

Trackers, Indexes & Reports

COVID-19 and Freedom of Expression in the Americas
IMF COVID-19 Anti-Corruption Tracker
Global Integrity COVID-19, Governance & Anti-Corruption Database
Addressing the Other COVID Crisis: Corruption
Accountable Governance and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Global Democracy & COVID-19: Upgrading International Support
Minimising Bribery and Corruption in the Time of COVID-19
Corruption and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Coronavirus and Aid: What We’re Watching
The Global Crisis of Corruption
Country Assessments: The Coronavirus Pandemic and Economic Crisis
The COVID-19 and Persons Deprived of Liberty Information Hub and Collaborative Platform 
The Capacity to Combat Corruption (CCC) Index 
Global Dashboard: COVID-19 Government Policies
(IMF) National Policy Responses to Coronavirus 
Getting Ahead of the Curve (Transparency International)
The IMF and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
COVID-19 Africa Watch
(IMF) Special Series on COVID-19 
Collecting Open Government Approaches to COVID-19

Country by Country


COVID-19 Loans, A Lack of Publicity and the Chance of Fraud in the UK 9/8
Corruption, Weak Leadership Impede Fight Against Coronavirus in Bangladesh 9/8
No Other Country Has As Much Corruption in Tackling COVID-19 As Bangladesh 9/7
COVID-19 Exposes Corruption in Bangladesh Health Sector 9/7
Coronavirus in South Africa: Misuse of COVID-19 Funds ‘Frightening’ 9/3
South Africa’s $30 Billion COVID-19 Relief Package Exposed to Fraud 9/2
Kenyan President Seeks to Silence Allegations of COVID-19 Graft 9/2
South Africa’s ANC Says Officials Charged with Graft Must Step Aside 9/1
South Africa Clamping Down on Corruption and Looting of COVID-19 Relief Fund 9/1
Rio de Janeiro Governor Suspended Over Alleged COVID-19 Graft 8/28
COVID-19 Scams Keep Surfacing in Bangladesh 8/28
Another Disease Plagues Brazil COVID-19 Fight: Corruption 8/26
Corruption Cries Mount Over Pandemic Spending in El Salvador 8/25
In Philippines, Duterte Vows Transparency in Spending of COVID-19 Funds 8/25
Kenyan Political Leader Wades Into Covid-19 Funds Scam, Insists on Audit 8/25
South African Official Says Corruption Is Not a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ 8/24
Parliament Warns of Another COVID-19 Corruption Scandal in South Africa 8/24
South African President: COVID-19 Corruption an Unforgivable Betrayal 8/23
In Philippines, Coronavirus Crisis Led to Massive PhilHealth Corruption 8/19
Indian Government to Probe Corruption in COVID-19 Procurement in Bengal 8/19
South Africa Investigates COVID-Linked Corruption of $290 Million 8/19
Mozambique: High Corruption Risk in Direct State Procurement Contracts – NGO 8/18
Corruption and Coronavirus in the Dominican Republic 8/17
South African Organizations Call for Action Against COVID-19 Corruption 8/13
Ecuador’s Ex-President Detained in COVID-19 Organized Crime Probe 8/12
Zimbabwe Divisions Expected to Deepen as Activists Decry ‘Rampant Abuses’ 8/11
South African Government Explains Work of COVID-19 Task Force Appointees 8/11
Uzbekistan: Civil Society Hindered in Ability to Contain COVID-19 Corruption 8/10
‘No Turning Back’ in Philippine Health Insurance Corruption Probe 8/9
Thousands Protest Against Netanyahu Over COVID-19 and Alleged Corruption 8/8
South Africa Sets Up Body to Probe Coronavirus Corruption 8/7
Brazil Police Bust Alleged Coronavirus Corruption Racket in Sao Paulo 8/6
Strong Response to Pandemic and Corruption Needed for Investment in Indonesia 8/6
Latvia’s Corruption Watchdog Starts Inspection of Face Mask Procurement 8/6
Japan: Effective Governance for a Swifter Recovery 8/6
South African Treasury Presents COVID-19 Corruption Action Plans  8/5
Nepalese Opposition Leader Demands Probe Into Alleged COVID-19 Corruption 8/4
South Africa’s Double Blow: Corruption and the Coronavirus 8/3
South African Anti-Corruption Watchdog Probes COVID-19 Tenders 8/3
Mexico’s AMLO Says He Will Wear a Mask “When There Is No More Corruption” 8/1

Opinion & Position Pieces


Governments and Donors Must Curb Corruption Before the Next Disaster 9/9
Put Fight Against Corruption at Center of Post-Pandemic Agenda 9/9
Rebuilding While COVID-19 Corruption Damage Trust and Tax Compliance 9/4
What We Can Learn From COVID-19 and Anti-Corruption Strategies in Africa 9/3
COVID-19, Corruption and Stealing the Recovery 9/3
Is COVID-19 a Petri Dish for Corruption? 9/1
Africa’s COVID-19 Corruption: “Theft Doesn’t Even Stop During a Pandemic”  9/1
Compliance Tips Amid Rising Fraud Risk In Latin America 8/31
Why Data Is Latin America’s Best Weapon Against COVID-19 Corruption 8/28
Who’s Making Money From COVID-19? 8/24
Corruption in Purchase of COVID-19 PPEs is Murder, WHO Boss Says 8/24
Prosecuting COVID-19 Corruption Is Hard. This Is Why. 8/19
Corrupted: The COVID-19 Response 8/14
Survey Highlights Public Procurement Risks and Opportunities During COVID-19 8/12
Can Youth Shape the Future of Anti-Corruption? 8/12
UNDP Continues to Train Virtually with COVID-19 Precautions 8/11
COVID-19 Is a Boon for Illicit Trade and Endangering International Security 8/11
How Latin America Should Tackle Coronavirus Corruption 8/11
Corruption Kills 8/10

Healthcare & Corruption


Political Corruption and Healthcare in Honduras 8/7
Public Health Insurance Agency Under Investigation for COVID-19 Corruption 8/5

Democracy & Governance


IFES COVID-19 Briefing Series: Preventing Government Corruption in Crises 8/25
In Zimbabwe, Two Political Prisoners Are a Symbol of a Repressive State 8/18
Japan: Effective Governance for a Swifter Recovery 8/6
As Countries See COVID-19 As A Crisis, Authoritarians Spot An Opportunity 8/5
How Authoritarianism Has Spread Since the Coronavirus Pandemic Began 8/4

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