COVID-19 & Corruption: Latest Trackers, Articles, and Resources

The staff of the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center at CIPE has compiled this list of publications and resources to help the global anti-corruption community. The most recent entries are placed near the top. We welcome your suggestions for additional articles, reports, and resources on this issue. Last update: November 27, 2020.

Trackers, Indexes & Reports
Findings and Recommendations for Better Emergency Procurement From 12 Countries
Civic Freedoms Under Threat During COVID-19: A Snapshot of Restrictions and Resilience
Democracy Under Lockdown
Central America Economic Reactivation in a COVID-19 World: Finding Sustainable Opportunities in Uncertain Times
COVID-19 and Freedom of Expression in the Americas
IMF COVID-19 Anti-Corruption Tracker
Global Integrity COVID-19, Governance & Anti-Corruption Database
Addressing the Other COVID Crisis: Corruption
Accountable Governance and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Global Democracy & COVID-19: Upgrading International Support
Minimising Bribery and Corruption in the Time of COVID-19
Corruption and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Coronavirus and Aid: What We’re Watching
The Global Crisis of Corruption
Country Assessments: The Coronavirus Pandemic and Economic Crisis
The COVID-19 and Persons Deprived of Liberty Information Hub and Collaborative Platform
The Capacity to Combat Corruption (CCC) Index
Global Dashboard: COVID-19 Government Policies
(IMF) National Policy Responses to Coronavirus
Getting Ahead of the Curve (Transparency International)
The IMF and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
COVID-19 Africa Watch
(IMF) Special Series on COVID-19
Collecting Open Government Approaches to COVID-19
Country by Country Date
Australia’s Cairns Aquarium Accused of Misusing COVID-19 Support Funding 11/26
Growing Dissent in South Africa Over Corruption, Job Losses and Bizarre Rules 11/25
UK COVID-19 Procurement Report Could Form Basis of Fraud and Corruption Probes 11/24
COVID-19 In South Africa: Journalistic Investigations Uncover Corruption 11/23
Corruption Is Rampant During Pandemic, Says Bangladesh Anti-Corruption Chair 11/22
Sri Lankan President Highlights Efforts to Combat COVID, Corruption, Poverty 11/19
UK Government’s COVID Response is Mired in Bias & Corruption 11/17
There’s Still a Great Deal of COVID-19 Corruption Going Down in South Africa 11/17
In the UK, COVID-19 Pandemic Has Unleashed State Corruption on a Grand Scale 11/17
Coronavirus Crisis Exposes Ukraine’s Healthcare Failures 11/16
South African Doctors Doing All They Can to Stop Health Insurance Corruption 11/16
Cuban COVID-19 Drug Deal Adds to South African President’s Corruption Headache 11/15
Corruption Complicates Bangladesh’s Fight Against COVID-19 11/13
How Pandemic-Related Corruption Calls for a New Social Contract in Panama 11/10
Peru President Vizcarra Ousted Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Corruption Allegations 11/10
TI Bangladesh: COVID-19 Exposed, Created Opportunities for Corruption 11/10
UK Government Fails to Publish Details of COVID Contracts with Private Firms 11/9
South African Government Accused of Falsifying Unemployment Relief Denials 11/8
COVID-19 Splurge Continues in South Africa, This Time in Schools 11/8
South African Gangs Flourish in COVID-19 Climate Fueled by Police Corruption 11/7
How COVID-19 Has Worsened Attacks Against Journalists in Kenya 11/5
Former Kazakh Health Minister Detained in Corruption Probe 11/4
COVID-19 Complacency and Porous Borders in Philippines 11/2
India’s Anti-Corruption Bureau Hosts Webinars, Competitions to Raise Awareness 11/2
South Africa’s Draft Procurement Bill Falls Short in Fight Against Corruption 11/1
South Africa’s Civil Society Must Demand a Country Free From Self-Enrichment 11/1
Opinion & Position Pieces Date
Five Keys to FCPA Compliance in the COVID-19 Era 11/24
Is the Coronavirus Catalyzing New Civic Collaborations for Open Government? 11/23
G20 Summit: COVID, Climate, Debt and Transparency 11/22
Tackling Corruption in Governments’ COVID-19 Health Responses 11/18
The Unspoken COVID-19 Vaccine Challenges: Distribution and Corruption 11/10
African Anti-Corruption Dialogue Issues Recommendations to Combat Corruption 11/7
Maximizing Citizen Engagement to Beat COVID-19 11/5
Solidarity in the Time of COVID-19: Civil Society Responses to the Pandemic 11/5
The Graft-Busting Uses of COVID-19 Aid 11/4
Compliance During COVID-19: Assessing Risk in the Supply Chain 11/2
Civil Society’s Brave Role in Exposing Pandemic Corruption 11/1
Healthcare & Corruption Date
How to Keep COVID-19 Vaccines Safe From Hackers 11/18
COVIDGATE: The Corruption of Clinical Trials (Part One) 11/18

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