financial disclosure

The number of podcasts touching on anti-corruption themes has grown exponentially in recent years, as experts, practitioners, activists, and academics showcase the human element of integrity and transparency work. Some podcasts are focused solely on anti-corruption, and others – like our own at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) – frequently address the topic… Read More

Sudan’s pro-democratic revolution ended a long-standing autocracy, but there remains a long path ahead for improving the country’s governance. Public sector corruption threatens the emerging democracy as unscrupulous practices continue to dominate the political arena.  One part of the puzzle for dealing with public corruption is a robust system for declaring the assets of government… Read More

In August 2014, I stood in a sunlit atrium of the National Academy of Sciences, the host of the Civil Society Forum of the first U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit. Surrounded by participants hustling between workshops, I began contemplating broad questions that would lead me along unexpected paths to where I sit today. Two in particular has… Read More