Survey Shows Compliance is Working


Compliance is a key component in the foundation and success of any organization. As a result, more organizations have begun to invest in compliance training programs, with the goal to create a better workplace that is equipped to take action to prevent and address misconduct. According to a recent survey from the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE), investment in compliance training yields a positive return. The SCCE survey found that 83% of compliance professionals reported that their programs were able to prevent misconduct at least once within the last two years, while 46% of professionals said that their programs managed to stop problems before they occurred within the same two year period. The results of the survey demonstrate that compliance training programs are most effective when they are centered on empowering employees to take action when they see misconduct.

Ben DiPietro, editor and reporter with Risk & Compliance Journal, highlights the success compliance training programs have had in finding and fixing misconduct in the workplace in a recent blog in the Wall Street Journal:

Amol Nadkarni is a Program Assistant with Global Programs at CIPE.