Video: An Effective Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

The second video of CIPE’s Anti-Corruption Compliance series explores what corruption is, and also provides an overview of best practices for implementing an anti-corruption system in a company. The animated clip outlines why taking a prevent, detect, respond framework works best for companies and how to reduce risks by setting up a comprehensive compliance system that incorporates 7 steps:

  • Standards of conduct, policies, and procedures
  • Compliance oversight, commitment and resources
  • Education and training
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Reporting and investigation
  • Enforcement, discipline and incentives and
  • Response, prevention and improvement

Learn more by watching the video here.

This video is part of CIPE’s video series that explores the basic elements of an anti-corruption compliance system. The content of the videos are based on CIPE’s Anti-Corruption Compliance Guidebook .