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  France has long been criticized for falling short on enforcement of its international obligations to fight corruption abroad, including the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention that mandated member states to criminalize bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions. That changed with the introduction of Sapin II, a new law similar to the U.S. Foreign… Read More

Photo Credit: Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (via Flickr) For any company to reach its full potential, a change toward a culture of compliance and ethics is needed. This change should start from the top, with management leading the way. However, to truly foster an environment of compliance and ethics, everyone in the organization… Read More

Photo Credit: Jack Kurzenknabe via Flickr As a longtime fan of the National Football League (NFL) team the Buffalo Bills, I know how hard it can be to change the culture of an organization. The Bills have not made the NFL playoffs since 1999 and as a result have developed a “culture of losing” that… Read More

Photo Credit: Heather (via Flickr) Recently I listened to a webinar focused on a somewhat unexpected topic: what can improvisation teach us about ethical behavior? The webinar was hosted by NYSE Governance Services, the leading governance, compliance and education solutions provider for companies and their boards, and Second City Works, the B2B side of The… Read More

Photo Credit: Flickr Many employees often have the attitude that their company’s code of conduct is merely a policy when in reality the code should serve as the foundation of any given organization, capturing its unique values and culture. A code of conduct should be more than just a document but an experience that inspires… Read More

CIPE’s Anna Kompanek Director of Multiregional Programs interviews Lisette van Eenennaam Group Legal Counsel Integrity, Vice President, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd about anti-corruption compliance for international corporations. What attracted you to the field of anti-corruption compliance? I became interested in related topics quite early when I was in law school in the Netherlands and I… Read More

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