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Photo Credit: CIPE On the latest edition of CIPE’s Democracy that Delivers podcast, Shruti Shah, President and CEO of the Coalition for Integrity, discusses the growing demand for ethics & accountability around the world, and the role of the Coalition as they execute their mission. Shah illustrates her lifelong commitment to fighting corruption, and elaborates… Read More

Photo Credit: Flickr In 2015, the world watched in horror as ISIS militants seized and then proceeded to destroy the ancient Syrian site of Palmyra. These cultural heritage crimes did not stop with the destruction of symbolic and historical structures. ISIS soon engaged in vast looting of antiquities, which helps line the group’s coffers. In… Read More

For a market to exist, you must have demand and supply, or someone willing to buy and someone willing to sell goods or services. For corruption to exist, you must have someone willing to bribe and someone willing to take a bribe. I am going to discuss how, in West Africa, the demand side of… Read More