Instituting an Effective Compliance Program- Continued

In the fourth and final video of CIPE’s Anti-Corruption Compliance series explains the remaining steps for instituting an effective compliance program, continuing off of what was laid out in the third video. The animated video explores how a company can implement the following points:

  • monitor and audit the quality of the internal control system’s performance and how these tasks should be done by an internal or external entity;
  • create a sound, company-wide reporting system and a way to investigate and look into the reported concerns or issues;
  • develop a spelled out spectrum of disciplinary actions and consequences in the company’s policies and procedures and apply enforcement and discipline fairly and consistency;
  • use incentives to encourage people in the company to behave ethically;
  • And when a violation is discovered and investigated, think of how to improve the compliance system so something similar does not happen again.

Learn more about each of these points by watching the video here.

This video is part of CIPE’s video series that explores the basic elements of an anti-corruption compliance system. The content of the videos are based on CIPE’s Anti-Corruption Compliance Guidebook .