Corruption and COVID-19: Articles, Blogs, and Resources

Compiled by the staff of the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center, this list of publications and resources may be of use to the global anti-corruption community. The newest entries are bolded at the top of each section. We welcome your suggestions for additional articles, reports, and resources on this issue. Note: last updated on May 26, 2020.

Trackers & Indexes

UnderCOVID: Power and Plague
(IMF) Special Series on COVID-19 
The IMF and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Innovations for Successful Societies: Exploring Government Responses to COVID-19
Civic Freedoms and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Snapshot of Restrictions and Attacks
COVID-19 Africa Watch
Collecting Open Government Approaches to COVID-19
(IMF) National Policy Responses to Coronavirus
Global Dashboard: COVID-19 Government Policies
COVID-19 Civic Freedom Tracker
Corruption Perceptions Index 2019
Global Corruption Index 
Financial Secrecy Index 2020 

Opinion & Position Pieces

Massive COVID Spending Could Unleash Surge of Scams, Experts Warn
On Pandemics and Other Demons: Coronavirus-Related Corruption and How to Prevent It
Top 10 International Anti-Corruption Developments for April 2020
Fighting Corruption in the Time of COVID-19
OAS: Minimize Corruption Risks, Excessive Use of Emergency Powers During COVID-19 Crisis
Conducting Anti-Corruption Investigations During the Pandemic
Democracy Must Not Become the Silent Victim of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Free Enterprise & Democracy Network Statement on COVID-19 Response & Recovery Planning
Anti-Corruption in COVID-19 Preparedness and Response
Corruption Risks in Southern Africa’s Response to the Coronavirus
Latin America’s Next Generation of Authoritarians Is Using COVID-19 to Consolidate Power
We Can’t Stop the Coronavirus Unless We Stop Corruption
IMF COVID-19 Loan to Nigeria
Preventing Corruption, A Priority During COVID-19
Western Balkans Media During COVID-19: Reporting on Corruption Became Even Harder
Advisory Note: COVID-19 and Corruption in the Pacific
IMF: Empower Civic Groups Against COVID-19 Corruption
How the IMF is Promoting Transparent and Accountable Use of COVID-19 Financial Assistance
How Asean Countries Can Turn the Tide on Corruption
Compliance in Times of Crisis: Risk Mapping
The OECD Working Group on Bribery Responds to COVID-19 Bribery Risks
COVID-19: Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Issues and Potential USAID Responses
Look Out, Corruption Ahead
Are We Asking the Right Questions? The Role of Transparency During COVID-19
Reforming the Response to Financial Crime: Making the Most of a Crisis
Financial Criminals See Opportunities as Europe Reels from Virus
Corruption Costs During Humanitarian Crises & Mitigation Strategies for Dev Agencies
The Links Between Corruption and Coronavirus
What Is Open Contracting? Emergency Procurement for COVID-19
Open Response, Open Recovery
Can Past Experiences Help Prevent Corruption Related to COVID-19?
COVID-19 Pandemic: GRECO Warns of Corruption Risks
Corruption Can Have No Place in Our COVID-19 Recovery
IMF: Make COVID-19 Funds Transparent, Accountable
Here Today and Gone Tomorrow? Private Sector Integrity and Anti-Corruption Post COVID-19
Why Tackling Corruption Is Crucial to the Global Coronavirus Response
UK Anti-Corruption Coalition – COVID-19 Statement
Illicit Financial Flows Will Be Easier during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Corruption in the Time of COVID-19: A Double-Threat for Low Income Countries
Corruption Could Cost Lives in Latin America’s Response to the Coronavirus
Crime, Corruption, and Coronavirus
COVID-19 and the Coming Corruption Pandemic
To Defeat Coronavirus, Stop Corruption
The Coming Corruption Pandemic and Other Commentary
Corruption Present Bonanza for Kleptocrats
Coronavirus Sparks High Risk of Corruption in Latin America

Country by Country

(Thailand) NACC Implements Preventive COVID-19 Corruption Risk Mapping Project
(Ukraine) Anti-Graft Bureau Probes State Tender for Medical Suits
(Bosnia and Herzegovina) Imported Ventilators From China Useless for COVID-19
(Poland) Health Minister Denies Cronyism After Buying “Useless” Masks From Family Friend 
(Italy) Bribery Probe Nets Sicily Coronavirus Response Chief
(Saudi Arabia) 117 COVID-19 Graft Probes Launched During Ramadan
(Australia) Integrity Commission Delayed Again Amid Fears of Coronavirus Response Corruption
(Bolivia) Health Minister Held for ‘Ventilator Corruption’
(Ukraine) Anti-Corruption Banking Law Passes to Secure IMF Deal 
(Malaysia) Graftbusters Probe Contractors Amid Abuse Allegation for COVID-19 Kits, PPE
(Panama) Deputy Minister Resigns After Respirator Purchase Scandal
(Serbia) How Activists Started a Nationwide Anti-Corruption Protest During Lockdown 
(Azerbaijan) Another District Head Arrested Over COVID-19-Related Corruption
(Ukraine) COVID-19 Pandemic: Fertile Ground for Corruption?
(Bosnia and Herzegovina) Corruption, Political Blockages, Threaten Efforts to Weather Virus
(Kenya) Coronavirus: Fearing ‘Money Heists’ Amid Pandemic
(Nigeria) Coronavirus: Corruption in Health Care Could Get in the Way of Response
(Pakistan) COVID-19: ‘Green Stimulus’ Scheme Is a Win-Win for Environment, Unemployed
(Germany) Coronavirus: Caught Up in Multi-Million-Euro Mask Fraud Scheme
(Ghana) NDC ‘Rejects’ Airbus Bribe Probe To Focus On COVID-19 Fight
(China) Critic Who Called Xi A ‘Clown’ Over COVID-19 Crisis Investigated
(Israel) Two Thousand Israelis Brave Coronavirus Fears to Protest Assault on Democracy
(South Africa) Cape Gangs in Lockdown
(Indonesia) Open Fiscal Data Can Boost Trust in Pandemic Response
(Thailand) Seven Held in Four Mask Fraud Cases
(Guatemala) Health Officials Fired, Investigated for Corruption
(Iran) Containing Corruption in Key to Economic Recovery
(Malta) Firm Sold Disposable Masks as “Advanced” Coronavirus Protection
(Australia) Coronavirus Chaos “Increases Corruption Risk,” ICAC Warns 
(Latvia) Anti-Corruption Force Warns of Heightened Graft Risk
(Canada) Lifts Freeze on Military Exports to Saudi Arabia Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
(Saudi Arabia) Senior Officials Arrested on COVID-19 Related Corruption Charges
(Iran) Coronavirus: Top General Peddles Fake Bomb Detector as Tool to Fight COVID-19
(Romania) The Convict and Coronavirus: Million-Mask Mess
(Burkina Faso) The Confluence of Conflict, Corruption, and Coronavirus
(Kenya) Don’t Take ‘Unclean’ Money for COVID-19 Fund, urges KNCCI
(Africa) Policy Lessons from COVID-19
(Slovenia) Opaque Coronavirus Procurement Deal Hands Millions to Gambling Mogul
(Ukraine) Coming: Rapid Government Response to COVID Scheming
(Brazil) Coronavírus: sem licitação, Mandetta paga 67% a mais para comprar máscaras
(Italy) Storia dell’azienda agricola scelta per fabbricare le mascherine anti coronavirus
(Italy) Coronavirus, i retroscena dell’appalto Consip di mascherine vinto da un pregiudicato
(Colombia) Insumos COVID-19
(Chile) CM para emergencias, contingencias y prevención
(Uganda) Corruption, Lack of Rule of Law Will Be the Death of Uganda
(Uganda) COVID-19: Officials Face Jail Over Food Prices
(Iran) Amid Pandemic, Report Highlights Theft, Corruption, Hoarding in Pharma Sector
(MENA) Corruption Risks in MENA Region Threaten National Responses to COVID-19
(China) Beijing’s Viral Disinformation Activities

Democracy & Civil Society

Why Disinformation Targeting Women Undermines Democratic Institutions
How Civil Society Can Make COVID-19 Responses More Transparent
Supporting Civil Society During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The High Cost Journalists Pay When Reporting on Corruption 
Right to Information: A Matter of Life and Death During the COVID-19 Crisis
Forum Q&A: Aimee Rinehart on Mis- and Disinformation in a Time of Pandemic
How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Transnational Kleptocracy?
Forum Q&A: Drew Sullivan on COVID-19, Transnational Kleptocracy and Independent Media
COVID-19: A Severe Strain on the Information Space
Threats to Independent Journalism Post COVID-19: What Are the Impacts for Anti-Corruption Efforts?
As COVID Brings New Repression, Democracies Must Push Back
Democracy on Pause in Pandemic Poland
How COVID-19 Conspiracy Theorists Are Exploiting YouTube Culture
Amid Coronavirus, Online Activism Confronts Digital Authoritarianism 
Coronavirus and Authoritarianism
Civil Society and the Coronavirus: Dynamism Despite Disruption
Dictators Love Lockdowns
Reimagining Social Movement and Civil Resistance During the Global Pandemic
Autocratization by Decree: States of Emergency and Democratic Decline
$40 Masks, Questionable Contracts, Rice-Stealing Bureaucrats Mar Coronavirus Response
An Isolated Bolsonaro Seeks Support Among Military
Czechs Fear Autocratic Contagion of Coronavirus
MENA Regional Recommendations on Good Governance Procedures in Combatting COVID-19
How Will the Coronavirus Reshape Democracy and Governance Globally?
Hungary Passes Law that Will Let Orbán Rule by Decree
Montenegro: Public Debate on Access to Information Law Must Be Delayed
Countering Corruption and Closing Civic Space during the Coronavirus
Democracy during Pandemic
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak | Business & Human Rights Resource

Governance and Security

Navigating the Fog of COVID-19: Vulnerabilities & Impacts of Emergencies on Governance
The Pandemic Is Creating Fresh Opportunities for Organised Crime
Beware of Terrorists Offering COVID-19 Aid
Contagion and Extortion in Central America
Coronavirus in Conflict Zones: A Sobering Landscape
COVID-19 and Gender-Based Violence in Conflict: New Challenges and Persistent Problems
Thanks to Coronavirus, Boko Haram is Making a Comeback
Mafia Plots Post-Coronavirus Pounce
The Pandemic Could Bring Power to Latin America’s Criminal Gangs
ISIS Resurges in Syria, Iraq Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
China Leverages COVID-19 Crisis in South China Sea
Mexico Murder Rate Reaches New High as Violence Rages Amid COVID-19 Spread
Armed Groups in Colombia Threaten Civilians Over COVID-19 Measures

Healthcare & Corruption

Global Survey on Fraud and COVID-19 Finds Links Between Corruption and Deaths
Procuring for Life
Emergency Procurement for COVID-19: Buying Fast, Smart, and Open
TI: Corruption and the Coronavirus
Public Procurement during the COVID-19 Outbreak
We Need to Talk About Corruption in Health Systems
UNDP: Fighting Corruption in the Healthcare Sector
Making the Case for Open Contracting in Healthcare Procurement
Corruption Within the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain to the Developing World
The Ignored Pandemic: Corruption in Healthcare Service Delivery 
IFRC Statement on Fraud in Ebola Operations
Corruption and Averting AIDS Deaths