Author: Laura Van Voorhees

Embed from Getty Images In early January, Norway’s sovereign wealth fund decided to divest its entire stake — approximately $11.37 million — in the Chinese company ZTE because the company is facing corruption allegations in 18 countries, 11 of which have launched formal investigations. The move by the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund followed an… Read More

How do you convince skeptical anti-corruption activists that business can be part of the solution? How do you better coordinate anti-corruption efforts between governments, aid organizations, development banks, and the private sector? How do you establish a useful set of indicators for measuring the impact of programs seeking to reduce corrupt practices? These challenges were… Read More

Joe Murphy is the Director of Public Policy at the Society of Corporate Compliance of Ethics (SCCE) and Editor in Chief of Compliance and Ethics Professional, SCCE’s magazine. Murphy is the co-founder of Integrity Interactive, an online compliance training firm acquired by SAI Global in 2013.  Murphy has over 35 years of compliance experience, including… Read More

With international value chains becoming more sprawling and complex, the idea of risk management in such behemoth structures may cause compliance practitioners to break out in a cold sweat. That’s especially true when corporate corruption scandals make headlines across the world, denting stock prices and ruining hard-won reputations.  It is hard to think of an… Read More

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